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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) updated Type approval certificate format and CMIIT ID coding rules 

The MIIT updated Type approval certificate format and CMIIT ID coding rules recently. These updates will take effect on December 1, 2023. In the updated version of Type approval certificate format, factory/OEM information will be included. Moreover, the CMIIT ID has been changed to 12 digits, as seen below:






Type approval certificate issued before enforcement of these updates is valid under the original CMIIT ID.

If renewal or change of certificate is made, the original CMIIT ID can remain the same.

You can see more details via this link:















The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has recently released the Interim Provisions on Radio Management of Wireless Charging (Power Transmission) Equipment (the “Provisions) dated May 22, 2023.

This regulation applies to the following equipment:

1. Mobile and portable wireless charging devices operated in frequency bands: 100-148.5kHz、6765-6795kHz、13553-13567kHz / Rated transmission power: not exceeding 80W.

2. Wireless charging equipment for electric vehicles (including motorcycles) operated in frequency bands: 19 -21kHz/ Rated transmission power: 22kW~ 120kW; frequency: 79 -90kHz/ Rated transmission power: not exceed 22kW.

For the production or importation of the above wireless charging equipment that is sold and used in China, SRRC approval is not necessary, but the equipment must comply with the technical requirements in current Provisions and other relevant laws and regulations.

According to the Provisions, showing certain product information in the operational instructions, including electronic instructions is mandatory.

The wireless charging equipment should be affixed with a specific mark (or shown on an electronic display).

If it’s impossible to show this mark in the above-described ways, it can be shown in the individual package or in the equipment’s operating instructions.

The regulation for the marking will be published later.

The Provisions will be enforced on September 1, 2024. Wireless equipment produced or imported before this date can still be used until it is scrapped.


For detailed requirements, please refer to the Provisions:














The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently issued the Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on strengthening and standardizing the radio management of 2400MHz, 5100MHz, and 5800MHz bands (MIIT No. [2021] 129).


The authority new added below:  


1.    WLAN equipment with public network IP address allocation function shall support IPv6 protocol and enable the IPv6 address allocation function by default. 

2.    Adding test requirement for multiple antennas. 

3.    Update the limit of spurious emissions. 

4.    The addition of various interference avoidance technical requirements for radio transmitting equipment as Annex 2 is similar to the adaptivity tests in CE standards. 

The enforcement date of this notice is Jan. 01, 2022. However, before October 15, 2023, the radio transmitting equipment that meets the original regulations but does not meet the technical requirements listed in the notice can still apply for a new SRRC approval or a renewal according to the original provisions. 


According to the oral confirmation from SRRC, for the certificate with the old standard issued later, around January 20, 2021, the certificate will expire on 2025.12.31.


With new adding testing requirements, and not many labs are capable perform testing under new testing requirements at this moment, a longer lead-time can be expected.  


Please access the link below for reference:

















China MIIT / Very low power (short range) radio transmitting equipment is exempted from SRRC type approval certificate from December 1, 2016.



Chinese Authority “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)” recently published the revised “Radio Operation Management Rules” (“the Rules”) in Chinese, which comes into effect on December 1, 2016.


Based on this revision, there are some changes and new requirements enforced:


1. According to Article 44 of the Rules, very low power (short range) radio transmitting equipments are exempted from SRRC type approval certificate from now on. A detailed product control/exemption list is under preparation and will be published soon.

Referring to the existing “Technical Requirements to very low power (short range) radio equipment”, some LF products, 9-190kHz, 13.56MHz, 433.92MHz might be exempted from type approval while Bluetooth and WiFi transmitting equipment are still subject to type approval.


2. According to Article 48 of the Rules, sales record of type approved transmitting equipment should be reported to the related Authority. Detailed procedure and requirements are not clear.


3. Articles 76 to 79 of the Rules clearly state punishments for breaches of the Rules, including manufacture, import or selling unapproved radio transmitting equipment.




Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.








China CMIIT introduces modular approval requirements and conditions


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (CMIIT) published the official notification [2014] No. 1 about type approval of non-independently operating wireless transmitting module on January 2, 2014. Based on this notification, SRRC recently started to accept applications of modular approval and issues certificates with 5-year validity.


If the module is “Full module” (完整的非獨立操作使用的無線電發射模組), which complies with 5 criteria, it should be type approved and labelled with CMIIT ID No..

In the product label or user’s manual of systems (end device), where such module is installed, it’s mandatory to show the statement as follows: “This equipment contains wireless transmitting module with CMIIT ID: XXXXYYZZZZ”.  For this type of modular approval, the manufacturer can use this approved module into end product without having retest or recertification of it. 


If the module is “Limited module”(限制性非獨立操作使用的無線電發射模組), it can be type approved with CMIIT ID no. including mark of “M”.

The systems (such as laptops, PCs, printers, household appliances), where such module is installed still need to be type approved again with additional testing. A new CMIIT ID no. will be issued to the approved system.












SRRC considering changes to module approval regulations


China's SRRC hasn’t finalized the regulations for module approval and this issue is still under discussion. 

In this transitional period, SRRC issues voluntary certificate for module with validity of 1 year.


As for approval for host device, if the host doesn’t have its own antenna and it doesn’t affect the RF function of the module, then client only needs to notified SRRC about this device. The CMIIT ID of the module has to be placed outside of the host device.


On the contrary, if the host has its own antenna and affects module’s RF function, then new SRRC approval and CMIIT ID for host are required.


But since the official regulation are not finalized yet, it’s better to check again with WoWi whenever you have new enquiry for modular approval or a host embedded with wireless module.

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