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The MTC (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones) released the press of TAC requirements for type approval applications for WWAN devices on January 6, 2023. On the subject of the use of TAC assigned by the GSMA for WWAN devices, MTC now accepts the TAC of the WWAN module to apply for the Type Approval for the Host device. 


Previously, the MTC only accepted the TAC of the Host device.

Please refer to the official link of the press as below:








Peru MTC Delays Expected

In the beginning of April, there was social and political upheaval in Peru. On April 4, the Minister of the MTC asked his subordinates to submit their willingness to resign to assess whether to ratify or dismiss them from the position. This situation affects or paralyzes the internal processes of the MTC. In addition, on April 5, the President of Peru issued a 24-hour curfew in LIMA. All this delays the MTC process. 


For now, the country's situation is normalizing, but the MTC internal work is delayed.











Peru-National Frequencies Allocation Plan updates

The MTC has updated the National Frequency Allocation Plan to align with Resolution No. 373-2021-MTC/01 and Resolution No. 162-2021-MTC/03.


The main changes are:


1. The 470-698 MHz frequency band has been allocated for the use of television frequency blanks (TVWS)

    to provide Internet in rural areas.


2. The 1200 MHz spectrum was enabled in the 26 GHz band for advanced mobile telecommunications for

    the new radio spectrum competition for 5G.


3. The 1200 MHz was identified for the use of the WiFi-6E band 5925 – 7125 MHz for indoor use.  


4. E-Band is attributed for high-capacity digital radio links for fixed point-to-point service, which

    will facilitate the deployment of wireless transport networks for higher bandwidth services such as 5G. 

For more information, please consult the following official links:


Official MTC News:

Ministerial Resolution 373-2021-MTC/01:


Ministerial Resolution N° 162-2021-MTC/03:





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