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Moldova canceled the prohibition of the application of both CE and SM marks on the same equipment

As we informed you previously, based on the “Technical Regulation on ensuring radio equipment in the market” approved by Government Decision nr.34/2019 (“Technical Regulation №34/2019”), it was prohibited to affix both the SM mark and CE mark on the same radio product.

This prohibition was canceled by recent Government Decision no. 208/2022 published on April 1st, 2022with immediate effect. Therefore, now it’s allowed to affix both CE mar and SM mark on the same radio product.



Please refer to government decision no.208/2022 below link:









Moldova allows WIFI 6E in 5945-6425MHz


National Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology of Moldova (ANRCETI) published Resolution No. 5 dated March 31, 2022 allowing 5945–6425 MHz for use of Radio access system equipment, including radio access local area networks (WAS/RLAN), according to ECC/DEC(20)01.


Regulation can be downloaded here:









Regulation change in Moldova from February 22, 2021

Based on Decree №34 of Government of Moldova, “Technical Regulation on ensuring radio equipment in the market” (“Technical Regulation”) will come into force on February 22, 2021 without transitional period.

This Technical Regulation was developed based on Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU of the European Parliament and of the European Council.


After its implementation, current Moldovan Certificate of Conformity and SM mark will not be required anymore.

Similar to CE, manufacturers should process conformity assessment of their radio equipment by one of below Modules and make Declaration of Conformity in Romanian language.


  • Module A: Internal production control
  • Module B & C : Type examination and conformity to type based on internal production control
  • Module H: Conformity based on full quality assurance


Radio equipment, which complies with applicable standards and completes the conformity assessment procedure should be affixed with “CE” mark.


If all the applicable Moldovan standards for a radio equipment are included in the list of “Moldovan standards adopting harmonized standards”, manufacturer can apply Module A and make a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) without involvement of Certification Body.

Or alternatively, manufacturer can apply Module B to apply for type examination certificate from Moldovan Certification Body and make DoC base on the certificate.


We strongly suggest manufacturers to apply for Type Examination Certificate from Moldovan Certification Body in order to make sure that their products are in compliance with essential requirements of the Technical Regulation and that correct Moldovan standards are adopted in the DoC.

Certification Body can start to issue Type Examination Certificate once the list of “Moldovan standards adopting harmonized standards” is officially approved.


Please pay special attention that Decree №34 prohibits co-existence of SM mark and CE mark on the product.

Based on confirmation by Certification Body, there is no need to remove SM mark on the products, which are already in the market.

But please do NOT affix SM mark on products manufactured after February 22, 2021.


Official link to the Technical Regulation:









Certification Body CNRF in Moldova changed CB number  to "024"


The Certification Body “National Radiofrequency Centre” (CNFR) in Moldova recently announced about their newly adopted certification body number “024” in May, 2016. Manufacturers should use new certification body number “024” in labelling of certified products. Example as below:


There is no official notice about transitional period for using new number. Currently, labelling with old certification body number “1024” can still be accepted and identified. But Certification Body suggests manufacturers to use new number “024” at their earliest convenience, better before April 1, 2017.


Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


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