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Res. 2844 modifications of SRD regulation

Chile authority, SUBTEL, published Regulation 2844 EXENTA on September 14, 2022, which modifies the Short Range Device Regulation 1985 EXENTA of 2017.

The main changes are:

1. Devices used for medical application:

Devices with technical characteristics complied with the item j.1) are now included in this category with frequency bands for 2400 - 2483.5MHz, 5150 - 5250MHz, 5250 - 5350MHz; 5470 - 5725MHz, 5725 - 5850MHz, 5925 - 6425MHz.

2. Vehicle radar with operation frequency 76-77GHz:

Output power limit is revised up to 50dBm (e.i.r.p.)

3. Frequency band 5925-6425MHz:

The allowed frequency range is revised to lower portion from 5925-6425MHz instead of 5925-7125MHz for all WiFi devices. That is to say only WiFi devices within the 5925-6425 MHz band can be certified.

The Regulation enforced since the publication date. For applications in progress, they must be re-submitted according to the updated Regulation. For existing (old) certificates which were approved before, they remain valid.

See the official link of the regulation as below:








Modifications of SRD regulation


Chile authority, SUBTEL, published RESOLUCIÓN 1321 EXENTA, dated July 2, 2021, which modifies the Short Range Device Regulation 1985 of 2017.


The main changes are:


1. Add the frequency band 13.553 to 13.567 KHz with corresponding maximum electric field strength 20 mV/m@30m.


2. For the frequency band 5925-7125 MHz, Access Points (AP) using internal batteries is allowed to operate outdoors with 17 dBm (E.I.R.P.). Previously, it is only allowed for Access Points (AP) for indoor use.


See the official link of the regulation as below:








Chile- New Resolution 1807 for WiFi 6E


SUBTEL published a new regulation No. 1807, dated Oct. 22, 2020, which extended the regulation No. 1985. 


The main changes are:


    1) 5150MHz-5250MHz: The radiated power limit is increased to 1W e.i.r.p. (Previously, the limit was 250mW e.i.r.p.).

    2) 5925MHz-7125MHz is opened to Access Point and associated client devices.


                Low power access point is for indoor use only and should 

                 meet the following transmission power limit:

                  - Maximum 30 dBm e.i.r.p. 

                  -  Maximum Spectral Density  5dBm/ MHz e.i.r.p. 


                Client Connected to Low-Power Access Point should meet 

                 the following transmission power limit:

                  - Maximum 24 dBm e.i.r.p.

                  - Maximum Spectral Density  -1dBm/ MHz e.i.r.p. 









Chile- postponed 2020 updated type approval procedure


Following up on the last news published on March 31, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SUBTEL decided to suspend the implementation of 2020 updated type approval procedure until further notice.


Applications submitted for type approval certification will be processed based on the previous approval procedure. 










Chile /SUBTEL - 2020 type approval notice 

The SUBTEL in Chile recently released a 2020 type approval notice to update their type approval requirements.  

The main changes are:

1. The device to be certified must have the test report and other documents with the same model number that appears on

         the device. This is to say, it is not acceptable to use documents of the module to apply for the type approval of its host 


2. The Module can be certified by the authority now. (Previously, the authority stopped certifying module for about 3 years).

3. RF human exposure needs to be considered. 

 4. Pls be reminded that family models still can be allowed in one certificate( maximum 8 models).  






Chile authority made a modification for Res. 1985 and Res. 1517 for SRD

SUBTEL published an extension on May 7, 2019 to modify the Res. 1985 and Res. 1517 for Short Range Device.


The main changes are as follows:


   1. 5150-5250MHz: The radiated power limit is increased to 250mW e.i.r.p. (Previously the limit was 200mW e.i.r.p.).

   2. IoT (Internet of Things) is added to the regulation. Please see below allowed frequencies and output power limits.


Frequency Range (MHz)

Radiated output power limit

433.05 - 434.79

10 mW

868.175 - 868.375

25 mW

915 – 928

500 mW

2,400 – 2,483.5

1 W

5,250 – 5,350

1 W

5,470 – 5,725

1 W

5,725 – 5,850




   3. Requirements for foreign test reports used for SUBTEL type approval application: The laboratories that performed the

       tests and issued the test reports must have at least two international accreditations. The accreditation logo should be           

       printed in one or more pages for every submitted test report.  






Chile SUBTEL-Modular approvals are not accepted since May 2017


The authority of telecommunications, SUBTEL (Subsecretarìa de Telecomunicaciones), does not certify RF modules with IC and components on bare circuit board since May 2017. However, for the products like car audio, immobilizer installed inside the car or RF unit installed in the machinery, etc. with enclosure are not considered as modules. Therefore, SUBTEL will certify the aforementioned products.



Any questions please feel free to contact us









5470-5725MHz is now allowed for use in Chile

Chile SUBTEL published a modification of the resolution 755 on Jan. 23, 2017. The devices which use spread spectrum and digital modulation are allowed to be operated in the bands 2400 to 2483.5MHz, 5150 to 5250MHz, 5250 to 5350MHz and 5470 to 5725MHz with maximum radiated power 150 mW.


Previously, 5470 to 5725MHz was the restricted band. Also the devices mentioned above some bands could be operated for indoor usage or outdoor usage.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.


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