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Home arrow-rootANATEL published the new Official Letter No. 429/2023 on Nov. 11, 2023.

 ANATEL published the new Official Letter No. 429/2023 on Nov. 11, 2023, which reiterates that all testing reports (done in Brazil or abroad) must follow and meet the previous Act 4083 requirements, including the traceability information.

Act 4083 stipulates in item that before starting the testing either in Brazil or abroad, the manufacturer or applicant MUST formally report to the OCD (Certification Body) the following:


I - The manufacturing unit where the sample was produced; and

II - The traceability of the sample submitted for testing.

The most important point of new Official Letter No.429/2023 is that from now on, it will NOT be accepted testing report done abroad before the OCD’s pre-validation of the traceability and approval.

According to Act 7280, ANATEL accept foreign reports for some specific products, such as non-RF Network switch for corporative/ industrial use, OLT, Digital Multiplexer, Coaxial cables, some types of Optical cables, Satellite transceivers and some others.

Due to this new Official letter No. 429/2023, foreign laboratory MUST only start testing after OCD’s approval.
P.S.: It is mandatory for FCC (or CE) testing lab be ISO/IEC 17025 accredited since ANATEL only accept testing reports from accredited labs.

Please find the links of official documents as follows:


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